Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Human Tornado

Valentine's was uneventful, but maybe this week will pick up. I might go to a concert. More detail on that tomorrow. Don't forget the poll, kids.

This is the sequel to "Dolemite." I'm a big fan of these movies because either they were great parodies of blaxploitation movies at the time. Rudy Ray Moore was a comedian, after all.

Apparently, Dolemite has moved to Alabama (more on that in a little bit). He's set up pretty much the same operation he had in California. It's so similar that the locations are the exact same place (LOL@ budget constraints).

He decides to give his entire house to a preacher in order to start a club for boys (OMFG! MOLESTATION!).

At the party where Dolemite announces his decision, a naked white woman is waiting for him in his bed. Dolemite's the man.

A young white guy and his mother drive by Dolemite's place. They notice that there is a party going on and they are jealous of Dolemite's success. They decide to report the activity to the local sheriff. He's basically racist Santa.

The sheriff and his deputies raid Dolemite's place. They break into a room to find Dolemite having sex with the white woman. Racist Santa is shocked. Not only because it's interracial lovin', but because the woman is his wife. Racist Santa orders his deputy to kill them both. The deputy kills the woman.

Dolemite rolls out of bed, ass shining, and shoots the deputy. He then runs out of the house and jumps down a hill.

Dolemite escapes to California only to find that new problems plague him, Queen Bee, and a huge cast of characters that includes a young Ernie Hudson (OZ, Ghostbusters).

This movie features Dolemite's rhymes, an extremely weird sex scene involving about 4 black guys, a white woman, and a playground slide, great music, lots of kung fu (including a fight with a South American nunchuck champion), car chases that were noticeably sped up, and Rudy Ray Moore's ass.

If that isn't enough to make you want to see this movie, then you are too goddamn demanding.

Someone from GameTrailers.com was nice enough to give me this picture:


  1. sounds pretty cool

  2. Sadly, the actor who played Dolomite died fairly recently. He said that without him, rap music wouldn't exist. Some one his older comedy albums are very funny. Everyone should check them out.

  3. haha that video made me laugh

  4. Interesting i might have to watch it.

  5. movie kinda looks booring to my taste...but I will check it out

  6. movies seems good will check it out

  7. i'll watch this after i watch dolemite.

  8. Hahaha, looks like a silly movie.

  9. Looks like an interesting movie thats for sure : )

  10. NOBODY and I mean _NOBODY_ messed with Dolemite! Cheers.

  11. What concert are you going to see?

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